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AP Tests, CAASP, and finals are coming up! Are you ready? Do you think you know how to study for the tests that could decide which college you get accepted to? (Just kidding there are a lot more factors that go into which college you attend) But seriously, these tests can be daunting. They are challenging, long, and it can feel like they’re the most important thing in the world. Do not fret, I am going to tell you 5 easy study habits that will reduce your stress, help you prepare, and get you the best grade possible.

  1. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT procrastinate and do all your studying the night before!

I recommend that if you really want to pass an AP test with a 3 or higher, or a final with an A, you need to start studying at least 3 days prior to your test. However, in an ideal world, you should start a week or more before. This is because you have an ENTIRE YEAR’S worth of material to cover.

  1. Break it up into sections.

Go through all of the class’s material and break it up into at least 5 sections. If you are taking an AP test, then has already done this for you. Breaking up the material will allow you to wrap your head around each concept individually. I recommend designating a different day for each section and then the day before the test do a condensed review of everything (hence the week long studying). If you have less than a week, do a short review of each section and then pick the ones you feel less confident on to review in greater detail. This will make an entire year’s worth of material much more manageable.

  1. Practice practice practice!

Honestly, the best way to study for an AP test is to do practice questions that are in the format of the test. You may know the material, but AP tests try to trick you with wordings. If you know how the test works, then everything will become much easier. (This works very well for the ACT, SAT and SAT subject tests as well. I recommend googling “prepscholar” if you want a clear

er way to study for these.)

  1. Rest your brain and fuel your body.

Make sure you get enough sleep before your test so that your brain is able to function at its best. Teenagers need 9 hours and 15 minutes to get the full benefits of their brain. However, that is unrealistic with our busy schedules, so at least 8 hours will do. Also, do not skip breakfast on the day of your test. You’ll be sitting in a testing room for anywhere from 1.5 - 4 hours, please go in with some energy. Don’t erase the hours you spent studying by skipping sleep and food.

  1. Don’t stress!

You’ve worked all year for this test, studying is just icing on the cake. Trust your abilities and don’t forget to take breaks. It’s okay if you don’t know everything because knowing 95%, 80%, even 75% of the material will get you a good score.

  • Go to this link for the AP schedule.

  • Finals will be the last week of school unless otherwise stated by your teacher.

  • CAASP testing for Freshman and Juniors will be at the end of May

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