St. Patrick's Day

I am super Irish, yet I have never put much thought into Saint Patrick’s Day considering it plays a part in my culture. Today, people around the globe also half heartedly celebrate this day, March 17th, by finding any excuse to put green dye in things and wear corny shirts that say: “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”

It’s no surprise that this day wasn’t always a hallmark holiday. I did my own research to find out the holidays relevance to me and society.

March 17th is the death date of the patron saint of Ireland, who lived during 385-461 AD. Ultimately, the day celebrates the introduction of Christianity to Irish culture, and also celebrates the heritage associated with the Irish. Traditionally, drinking alcohol was banned, but on March 17th, the restrictions were lifted. This is why drinking is heavily associated with Irish culture to this day.

The utilization of the three-leaved clover commemorates the clover that Saint Patrick used to explain the Holy Trinity to Pagan Irish. This also contributed to the wearing of green during this day.

Evidently, there’s a lot more to the holiday than what meets the eye. It is shameful that the holiday has been commercialized so heavily to the point where tradition has been lost in most places. I believe everyone should be more inclined to learn about Irish culture as well as their own cultures and the holidays associated with them.

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