Tea With Trent

March 6, 2019



This Earl Grey blend is a soothing and calming tea that does wonders in keeping you sharp throughout the day and afternoon. This specific blend contains dried flower petals and brings out a fruity undertone that keeps the smell of the tea interesting and dynamic, especially from a taste and smell perspective. Upon first taste you are immediately overcome with deep citrus and earthy tones to be followed by a fruity aftertaste that leaves your mouth craving another sip. The flavor is not too overwhelmingly strong, it’s just enough where all the taste buds in your mouth get a perfect profile of the tea. Overall, soothing yet vitalizing. Great for mornings or afternoons to get you through the day.

Earl Grey is known for its calming and stress relieving benefits, yet there are other perks that can be equally important to the drinker. It provides heath benefits such as digestive relief, heart disease prevention, cancer prevention, and antidepressant and anxiety relief. Its anti cancerous properties are due to the high levels of antioxidants. It’s anxiety and depression fighting properties are due to the essential oil, Bergamot, which is known to have properties that fight depression, stress, and anxiety. The link to the tea is below for the online readers.







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