Mountain Slice Pizza Review

The first time I entered this establishment it was a windy fall day, leaves on the ground, and the smell of wet pavement in the air. I pulled the door open and instantly felt safe and comfortable, as if I was visiting my nana at her cozy little cabin home. At first I was really nervous, but, the handsome man that was working that day was so friendly, he reached out to me asked me questions like, “How is your day going?” I responded with a smile and we later tossed around some very clever banter like we were best mates. Soon enough, it came time for me to order. Sweat running down my forehead I gazed at the menu for what felt like an eternity, there was just so many tasty looking options. Finally I arrived at a personal favorite of mine, The Pepperoni Slice. I sat down in a booth and began on a journey of flavor. When you first hit the white bed that is the mozzarella thinly layered on this piece of art, it makes you think of things on a deeper level. Then you hit, what I consider to be my first love, the tomato sauce, a thing of beauty. Just when you think It's over you hit the crust and you need no more than that. I finished the outing with paying a reasonable price and leaving a hefty tip. I would definitely recommend.

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