What I Will Miss About North Tahoe

Over the past few years North Tahoe has given every student a very different experience. Sure, the doors around the school are always locked at strange times, the bathroom sometimes smells weird, and school spirit is lacking with how few students we have. However, when I think about leaving and never coming back, it changes my perspective of everything. Sometimes I sit back and think about the changes both NTHS and myself have gone through.

My freshman year, I was a little scared of the big transition into high school. Pretty soon I discovered that the high school was just a mirror image of middle school (literally) except the seniors were big and I was small. Now I look at freshman and realize I am just like them in many respects, the only difference is that I am planning my life beyond high school and they are not. In a lot of ways, I am more scared than I was as a freshman because I haven’t experienced ever living away from home like I will have to next year.

As far as the actual school goes, I think everyone has noticed how many new students we have gained. Our school is slowly growing more diverse, and this will definitely contribute to our spirit in the future. In a few years,

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