The Underground Railroad Book Review

Slavery was a reality in the United States for many years, with many slaves taking to the underground railroad in order to escape the horrors they faced. But what if the underground railroad had been a physical train? That question is the premise for Colson Whitehead’s ingenious novel. In an NPR interview, Whitehead shared the inspiration for the book; “I think when you're a kid and you first hear about it in school or whatever, you imagine a literal subway beneath the earth. And then you find out that it's not a literal subway, and you get a bit upset. And so the book took off from that childhood notion”.

This novel provides a unique perspective on an idea that many people have heard of. It includes suspense, love, and one women's perseverance in order to survive. The book follows Cora, a runaway slave traveling the underground railroad from South to North. Begining with her tortured life on the plantation, the book follows her through her escape and eventual journey on the railroad. She learns that each new state she enters is a new state of possibility that may have existed for a runaway slave. This book is a real page turner and you won’t want to put it down!

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