"Senioritis"- A Disease or a Way of Life?

With graduation just around the corner, seniors are certainly feeling the pressure of life after high school. Between current class work, college applications, last-minute standardized tests, and other miscellaneous checklists in our agenda, it can sometimes make us feel anxious, tired, and maybe a little scared. How real is senioritis anyways?

I have always considered myself to be a good student, but lately my focus has drifted away like a piece of plywood in the ocean. Talking to other seniors has made me realize I am not alone in this mindset. Moods range from determination to utter exhaustion. While some students anticipate every activity and assignment with organized tactics, others admit, with no remorse, that they “had no idea that Mrs. J’s notes were due” for the fifth week in a row, or “forgot entirely about that bio lab” as if it wasn’t obviously written on the board and verbalized in class. Either way, it is no surprise that seniors begin to run on fumes as graduation is just within our grasp. After all, we can’t help but feel that our diplomas are being used as bait.

In technical terms, senioritis is defined as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” Frankly, I am both overjoyed and baffled that the word has a spot in the dictionary. It’s kind of funny. I couldn’t help but notice the word “supposed” at the beginning of the definition. I am picturing a group of dictionary buffs reluctantly writing this to make sure people don’t confuse a silly generation Z term with a more serious affliction. Although this term has been coined more recently, I believe it has existed since the dawn of time. Wouldn’t you think that a struggling Egyptian student would confuse the tedious task of writing hieroglyphics for an actual disease? Who knows. The preventative medicine would have been so terrible that he wouldn’t have lived to tell the story of his “profound senioritis.”

My point is, senioritis hits everyone in different ways. Some catch it through a passing air vent, while others catch it from a disgruntled employee who has been reliving their case of senioritis since high school. Maybe those seasonal colds keep it tucked away for the next batch of seniors to infect. In any case, it’s worth laughing about it until we can graduate. Hopefully we won’t catch it again four years down the road.

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