Unity Through Nature

In our current world, we seem to only focus on what separates us from one another. Some measure this separation by distance, others by race and ethnicity, and most by our politics. However, no matter who we are or where we call home, one thing will always stand in the way of our division - nature.

As we come and go in this world with shifting ideals and new motives, much of what surrounds us remains unchanged. Many of us can describe each peak, turn, and curve of the mountains and lakes in the Tahoe basin with our eyes closed. Our environment holds countless memories and I know I couldn’t imagine my childhood had it not been influenced by this locale. This is not a unique trait to me or to you for that matter. The forests and creeks hold so much value because they hold the memories of bounties of others that have come before us and will long proceed us. Regardless of who we are or where we’re from, our surrounding environment is immeasurably a part of our lives.

Whenever I begin to feel isolated or am put in a position where the similarities between me and those around me seem nonexistent, I think back on any memory, good or bad. I picture the scenery around me and think of all the other people that have a memory attached to that same place. Even with those I seemingly don’t share any commonalities, I still know that their lives are also stored in memories of the same environment. This unifies us with the people we know and with those we’ll never get the chance to meet.

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