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I have had an interest in politics for a number of years, but the change that I have seen in political climate and involvement in the last couple of months, across the country, leading up to these midterm elections has compounded this interest and given me an increased hope for the success of non-traditional political candidates.

Young people have, throughout American history, been one of the groups with the lowest percentage of voters, with clear reasons-- lack of spare time, unawareness of the political situation in which they are living, and other reasons; however, young people are now realizing that their voice can actually have an impact. They are educating themselves on the policies that matter to them and will affect them most. Now is the time for young voters’ thirst for change to come to a head, as the midterm elections hold potential for long-running partisan lines in many areas to shift.

One of the locations that has the potential to see a major partisan shift in the upcoming house of representatives election in Congressional District 4, which spans from Truckee to Fresno. District 4 has been represented by Tom McClintock since 2009, and has had republican representatives continuously since 1993. This long-running trend appears soon to change. Jessica Morse, like many progressive candidates, has recently gained significant traction in a solidly red district. While partisan distinctions often overshadow more important issues of policy, District 4 following the trend of the so-called “blue wave” that has been occurring across the country shows that progressive voters are ready to enact change, and truly understand the importance of their vote.

The campaigning fervor leading up to these midterm elections has taught me that regardless of your political party, it is important to vote in these midterms in order to affect the policies that you want to be in place. I understand that many people do not believe in the effect of their vote, but the only way for change to occur is by fighting for it, and right now, the best tool we have is our ability to choose who represents our region. If you have the ability to vote, you must do so in the upcoming midterm elections in order to have your voice heard.

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