Oranges and Showers, The Secret to De-Stressing

It’s said that about 49 percent of high school students are stressed on a day to day basis. We all know the general techniques for de-stressing, from meditation to exercising, but maybe all we need to do is try eating an orange in the shower. The idea may sound unorthodox, but it really can help! Here what you should do, in the shower, peel the orange. The heat of the water, and the fact that you are in a condensed space, increases the aroma of the citrus, causing you to focus more on the smell of the orange. The citrus smell of an orange is know to be a fairly strong aroma and when your body smells it, it helps your body to become more happy and stimulated. This is because when you smell, the Mitral neurons in your brain that help to transmit olfactory impulses (information related to smell), also transmit to the amygdala, which affects your emotional learning and moods such as happiness. This causes your body’s response to the aroma to help relax muscles causing you to be less stress and therefor happier. This also improves the taste of the orange, and when you are eating something pleasurable you are not only fulfilling the drive reduction of your brain, the basic need to fulfill hunger and other basic needs, but your brain also releases dopamine that makes you feel happier. Also when eating food in the shower you are breaking a social norm. If you plan to do this beforehand, your brain is setting itself up for a reward and so, when you experience this reward your brain releases more dopamine to make you feel even happier. So to get the best effect, plan ahead for you citrusy shower snack. If you like oranges, this can possibly be a way to help you to feel happier and more relaxed.

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