Athletes Committed: Don't Drive Stoned

This school year has been filled with a wonderful boost in the North Tahoe High School community. Many clubs contribute to this increase in school spirit, one of which being Athletes Committed. Athletes Committed is dedicated to integrity of North Tahoe High School sports teams and aims to see athletes excel in and out of competition. This school year, the members of Athletes Committed have worked to provide all North Tahoe athletes and students with the education necessary to make wise decisions that affect their performance in competition and their future endeavors. This education ranges from information about substance use to proper nutrition and how to perform your best. This school year, the use of E-cigarettes has become increasingly common. In response to this, the members of Athletes Committed have been conducting assemblies and pathways presentations in order to inform students about the long-term repercussions of substance abuse, with an emphasis on products containing nicotine. In the coming weeks, members of Athletes Committed are going to teach 7th and 8th graders about the dangers of E-cigarettes and will hopefully be able to make a positive impact on the next generation of North Tahoe High School Students. Ultimately, the members of Athletes Committed and the North Tahoe staff are dedicated to ensuring that everyone achieves their full potential. We all hope that you have been able to gain useful information from the presentations conducted this year and can't wait to see how North Tahoe High School will further improve as a community next year!

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