Uncovered Fossils and New Migration Stories

It’s commonly found that humans, which are homo sapiens, started off in Africa and from there, migrated to different parts of the world. Until now it was thought that the earliest signs of human life outside of Africa were only 90,000 to 120,000 years. However, recently a partial jaw bone was found in a cave in Israel, near Mount Carmel. It is around 177,000 years old. This means that early homo sapiens migrated to Eurasia earlier than we had thought, and changes the story of Human migration. However, the common theory is not completely disproved. They do not think these homo sapiens are direct ancestors of modern humans.

The jaw bone, that included teeth, part of the cheek bone and roof of the mouth were larger than normal human sizes but still somewhat fell into the range of the classifications. The tools found with the bones were “Levallois”, which are tools that surfaced in Europe that are around 300,000 years old and are presumed to be Neanderthal. So these species were homo sapiens but not our ancestors because they migrated earlier and so are presumed to have died out or moved back to Africa. Though these homo sapiens are not our ancestors, there may be uncovered fossils in Europe that show we migrated early as well.





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