The Roads into the Future

It is common knowledge that we as humans have, and will continue to destroy our own planet and all of the life coexisting with us. So, when new innovations arise with ways to limit our impact and better the world, why do we refuse to take them? It is because, as human beings, we thrive off of making excuses for ourselves. “It’s easier to buy a disposable water bottle,” “I’ll get rich off of fracking,” “Solar panels are too much of a hassle,” “Why have an electric car when our world economy depends on the exploitation of oil?” I’m sure everyone has thought these phrases themselves or come into contact with someone who has. The reality of our situation is that any positive innovation, that is not handed to us on a silver platter, is something us humans will not adapt to.

The largest polluter on this planet are the cars that we drive and the production of their fuel. We have a solution to this that maintains our levels of comfort and effortlessness: electric cars. So, why won’t we change our ways? It’s simple, it’s a hassle to take the time to charge a car when there's three gas stations not a mile apart.This is all changing however, with Assawaworrarit’s new innovation of electric roads. These road will be able to charge electric cars while you are driving without any chords or inconvenience. These roads will have resonant inductors that will spawn electrons from metal coils into the receptors if the car. What could be easier than that? This final step has eliminated all inconvenience and once emplaced, we will be much closer to synthesizing our way of life with the rest of the natural world.

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