The Winter Forecast 2017/2018

As winter approaches this year, the main question running through everyone's head is “Will we have a snow year like last year?” Well, I wish I could answer that but, there really is no way of knowing for sure. The Sierras are a place of unpredictability where it could be one extreme or the other. However, based off of last year, it can be assumed that this snow year will not be a little lighter than last year, but we should still receive a good amount of snow. Last year, there were “slightly enhanced winds over the western equator that produced a weak La Nina”(Rozak), but this year the winds are staying normal. According to Old Farmer’s Almanac which says the “winter will be drier and slightly colder than normal, with near- to below-normal snowfall. The coldest periods will occur from late November into early December and in late December.” The almanac is known for its accurate guesses and, this prediction is backed up by patterns of winters we’ve seen over the years. After a big snow year, the winter afterwards still gets snow, but tends to be colder. We may not be set up for as much snow as last year, but weather patterns are showing that we may have a colder and drier winter this year.

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