Thanksgiving Across the World

Countries throughout the world celebrate the holiday Americans know as Thanksgiving very diversely. While it doesn’t always have the same date or name, these fall festivals are very similar to our idea of Thanksgiving often including: food, harvests, and giving thanks.

The Germans participate in a festival called Erntedankfest on the first Sunday of October, where they give thanks for a great year of harvest in the form of parades, church services, and large feasts.

In Liberia a celebration is held wherein people bring cornucopias filled with food to their churches. After the church service, these delicious baskets are auctioned off and then prepared as a feast, often accompanied by concerts and dancing. This celebration is intended to give thanks to Liberia’s freedom and the founding of the country.

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in a very similar way to the Americans. It was first founded by English explorer Martin Frobisher who was giving thanks to the safe travels of his ships, however, since then it has evolved into a celebration of the Canadian harvests and of giving thanks in general. The holiday is celebrated on the second Monday of October and is accompanied by large feasts very similar to those in America, including turkey, potatoes, corn, and stuffing, as well as parades.

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