Art the Universal Language

Artist, Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic, describes art as a “Lingua Franca,” or universal language. To him, art is not just expression, but communication on a deeper and more meaningful level. He believes that art can bring people together despite clear differences. My sister, being an artist, always amazes me when people she has never talked to approach her about her art. It is almost counter intuitive because usually when I see someone with talent, a basketball player for example, I feel more intimidated than inclined to talk to them. For some reason, art provides an expression of one’s self that others can relate to and are drawn towards. Mestrovic Says “There’s always been power in words; for me, I think I’m interested in how that power takes shape.” I think he is trying to argue that successfully communicating through art is the most powerful form of communication.

A polish artist, Zdzisław Beksiński, communicates with his art by drawing what we all can relate to but can’t visually grasp; nightmares. His goal was “to paint in such a manner as if [he] were photographing dreams.” The results are intriguing. His art was posted recently to an art website,, where the public was allowed to comment. One comment stated “Does this scare anybody else but you aren't sure why?” 29 people agreed with this comment. Another person responded “No I find it very calming.” Beksiński may or may not have drawn this with an intended meaning but I find it interesting how different people get such diverse messages from this piece of art. Art is “a dialogue between the creator and the viewer,” but with different viewers there are different dialogues (Mestrovic).

Piece of art mentioned above-Zdzisław Beksiński

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