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As winter begins to come to an end, the snow begins to melt, and the sun begins to shine many people have their minds set on getting out of Tahoe and going somewhere warmer. With spring break just around the corner, it is the perfect time to pack your bags and head somewhere different for a couple days. Here are some of my suggestions for getting out of town for a couple days or a couple weeks. Kona, Hawaii: One of the most common spring break tropical destinations and desires is the Hawaiian Islands. They are known for their crystal clear, warm waters, their white, sandy beaches, their thick and luscious rain forests, perfect waves, and the volcanoes that created them. Most people that go to the islands visit Maui or Oahu. There is no doubt that these islands are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a leisurely vacation or an intense expedition, but some of the other, less populated islands are just as amazing. For example, the Big Island. The Big Island of Hawaii is somewhere in between the tourist crowded Maui and Oahu and the completely localized Molokai and Lanai. You can spend your nights in nice resorts with big pools and restaurants and your days on empty white, black, or green sand beaches. Some places on the island that I would strongly recommend visiting are Hawi, Hapuna, Kailua Kona, and Captain Cook. Hawi is on the far north of the island, where the rain is fairly consistent and the rainforest is dense. You drive over the hills and through many small, local towns before arriving on top of cliffs that overlook the ocean and back up to the jungle. A short hike (less than a mile) downhill will take you to a magical black sand beach with some of the ocean’s wildest water. Although it is not a good place to go for a swim or lay in the sun, Hawi is absolutely gorgeous and there are fantastic trails that go deep into the valley. If you’re looking for a picture perfect white sand beach, Hapuna is your place. It is located just north of Waikoloa, on the commercialized part of the island. The soft, pale sand and the glistening blue ocean make it look straight out of a magazine. Kailua Kona is a small town on the southwest of the island. It is located right on the ocean and is bustling with things to do all day long. Captain Cook is just a few miles south of Kailua, and bursting with opportunity. There is a large grassy area to hang out and play, and an entrance to some of the clearest best snorkeling in the United States. The spot is never crowded and always lovely for a quick swim with some fish. San Clemente, CA: Skip LA, skip San Diego. Right in between lies San Clemente, one of the most beautiful little beach towns around. The area is similar to its northern and southern neighbors, but it’s smaller, simpler, mellower. You can camp on the beach, rent a house in the hills, or perhaps stay in the Ritz. No matter where you stay the California sunshine and chill vibes of the town will have you in love. Home to Trestles and Salt Creek, and many other famous waves and surfers, San Clemente is perfect for a surf getaway for professionals, beginners and everyone in between. Doheny and San Onofre are great spots to learn to surf, or to simply enjoy the gorgeous beaches and waters. Poke bowls, nutrient filled smoothies, perfect waves, what more could you want out of a vacation? Reno or Carson City, NV: Maybe you don’t want to go far, don’t want to be gone long, don’t have any realistic vacation destinations, but you need to get out of the house, out of Tahoe. Even for just a night, or maybe a day trip, Reno or Carson City could be perfect. You could spend a day racing go carts, and playing in arcades, seeing some sort of performance and eating a nice meal, spend the night in a hotel and relax in the spa. The possibilities for short, affordable staycations are endless. Despite the fact that many people want to get out of Tahoe and are ready for winter to come to a close, the late winter and early spring skiing and weather have been fantastic. If you don’t have the time, money, or desire to go on a vacation this break, you need not worry. The spring skiing has been super fun and with the possibility of more snow on its way, we very well might get some more powder days. And as the sun finally begins to shine, and temperatures are warming the lake has been awfully inviting. Calm, sunny days are perfect for soaking up some vitamin D while getting some exercise by kayaking, paddleboarding or doing some yoga on the beaches/piers. The world is gorgeous and exciting, there are so many different places to go and things to see, but our hometown is also wonderful and shouldn’t be forgotten this spring break season.  

By Sage Quinn

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