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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The newest J.K Rowling movie premiered on November 18th. It takes place in the Harry Potter world but the story happens seventy years before Harry’s story. It is a magical story filled with new beasts and characters. Some of them include Nifflers, Demiguises, and Occamys. There is also some new lingo to learn before seeing this movie. Since the movie takes place in New York City, rather than England, there are difference to what non-magical people are called. Instead of being called “muggles”, non magical people in America are called “no-mags”. This especially strange to the main character Newt Scamander since he hails from England. Throughout the movie, he learns that non magical people and magical people are not even allowed to know each other. The magical world in America is much more protected and hidden than the magical world in England. If you enjoyed the Harry Potter world and want another taste of the magic, go see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Maybe you’ll even see your own Niffler.

Disney’s Moana

Moana is Disney’s 56th movie and shows of how far they have come from Snow White. Moana is an independent and strong Polynesian Princess. The makers of the movie don’t make her act like a white suburban but rather an actual native. The story goes as this, hundreds of years ago, the greatest sailors found the many islands of Oceania. All of a sudden, the voyages stop for a millennium and no one knows why. Our hero, Moana, voiced by Auli'i Cravalho decides to go on a adventure of her own and save her people. She then meets Maui the Demigod, voiced by Dwanye Johnson, and they embark together and go through many trials. This movie is well loved and especially good for kids of all ages. Take a break and go to the beach with Moana.

Star Wars Rogue One

Rogue One is the newest addition to the Star Wars Cinematic world. The storyline takes place between third movie, Revenge of the Sith, and the fourth movie, A New Hope. It tells the story of how the Rebel Alliance got the Death Star plans in the fourth movie. The main characters are Jyn Erso - a thief and criminal - played by Felicity Jones, Captain Cassian Andor, a Rebel Alliance information officer played by Diego Luna, and Director Orson Krennic - the villain - played by Ben Mendelsohn. This movie is highly anticipated by the Star Wars fan base, not just because of the much wanted answer of how the stolen plans got into the Rebel hands. Since The Force Awakens came out, there has been much speculation of where Rey came from and how she has the force. Many hope this movie will provide some of the answers they need. However, if it doesn’t, they will just have to wait another year for Star Wars Eight. Rogue One premieres December 16th, 2016. Go travel to a galaxy far far away and don’t miss the battle of the Light side and the Dark Side of the force.

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