North Tahoe High School is a school of very passionate students and faculty. Together students and teachers have created clubs to practice, learn, and teach things that they are interested in. These clubs consist of everything from sports to books, and each is made up of a very engaged and dedicated group of people.

Interact Club: The Interact Club is a club at our school that is involved with the local chapter of Rotary International. Together they help promote the community and are involved in many services that benefit the community. Interact is a big program at our school that helps people within our school get involved in events that promote community well being. A few of the events they will be involved with next year is the Sugar Pine Planting, which will take place in the beginning of the year, Locks of Love, Coat Drive, Sled Day, Snowfest Queen, and Purple Pinkie for Polio. Also, club members are continuously involved with adding more events to our club. For instance, one member, Jillian Argiris, has generated the idea of working with a non profit organization focusing on human kindness. This is just one example of how interactive they are with their community and with others around them who need a helping hand. All of these events that Interact takes action in help make our high school and Tahoe a better place. They meet almost every Wednesday in Mrs. Bates room.

S.A.G.A.: In North Tahoe High School we pride ourselves for being a very open and accepting school. This year a Gay Straight Alliance, later renamed S.A.G.A., sexuality and gender acceptance, was started by a student through the Wellness Center to create a safe place for students who felt or wanted to be apart of the Pride Community or others who gave their support. In meetings, held at lunchtime on Thursdays,the discussion revolves around stereotypes and LGBTQ+ news. Many times during the year they have combined forces with Truckee High School’s Pride group for events such as the Tahoe City Snowfest Parade and a mental health first aid training through the FRC. The Truckee pride group, which has been around for a longer time than SAGA, has helped them create a vision within the group about education for newcomers to our school and community.

As the first pride club at North Tahoe, their goals are to create a safe place where students can feel comfortable, be able to give accurate information to our school, and help educate and bring awareness to our community on SAGA terms and ways of support. For example, as a club they have created multiple flyers and posters around the school to promote, not only our club, but also the acceptance and love that the Pride Community is willing to offer to all. For a club that was started under a year ago they have accomplished more than expected. Earlier this year they received a grant from GLBT Guy DeRosa Safety in Schools Grant and Scholarship Program which will allow for a laminated sign for next year. All of the students in the club love going to meetings and being able to be open about issues that they don’t otherwise get to talk about. ¨I started this club because, even though our school is a relatively accepting place, I felt there should be group where students could openly talk about issues.¨ said Jack, the club president.

Our hopes for the future of the club is for it to grow and have the positive influence they create to flow into the community. We would like for everyone at North Tahoe to be comfortable and accepted in their community no matter what.

Debate Club: The Debate Club was founded this past year. This year they will be speaking about the election and watching each debate that will occur between the President and Vice President Nominees. Debate Club was founded based on the idea that people can discuss their opinions in a civilized manner. Also, it gives students a place to speak about topics that may be ‘rude’ to speak about in the public’s eye. In Debate Club, students learn to backup their opinion with debate techniques. “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

Book Club: Book club, is in essence just what it sounds like. The members all gather to choose a book that they all seem to like, and, once it arrives, they read it. About one to two weeks later, once they've all finished it, they gather once again to talk about everything they liked or disliked about the book. A few times last year, they even got in touch with the authors of some of the books, which was an amazing experience. They meet about a week or so after that meeting to decide which book they should read next and the cycle continues!

Be the Change: They envision our community and schools living in a peaceful and safe environment. They recognize peer education and advocacy as a vital tool for reducing the negative stigma around Mental Health Issues. They hope that through awareness, activities, and trainings we can live in a community where labeling, assumptions and stereotypes aren’t tolerated so community members feel safe and comfortable seeking services and knowing they are not alone.

Drama Club: The North Tahoe High School Performing Arts Club was started in order to give students an opportunity to perform and gain experience on the stage. Kyra Mattson started the club because she is passionate about performing arts, she wanted to bring more to the school and get involved. The club allows anyone to join and rehearse weekly. Each year they have a production that the students collaborate on and make our own. They also bring in a guest instructor who has experience in the field to give advice and teach about the arts. All the club members contribute to the production, whether it be performing or working backstage. It has been amazing not only to see the club grow since I first started but to see life-long friendships form because of it. For information about the club, please contact Kyra Mattson at

Leadership: ASB Leadership is the governing board for all school activities. Students in Leadership are responsible for School Spirit, School Service, and Student Support. Students in Leadership will be planning rallies, lunch activities, dances, and assemblies to instill school spirit for all students. Leadership students will also be part of the school service program which involves all the clubs. School Service also requires doing some community service activities. They are also here for student support in the form of S.O.S./Be the Change, tutoring, peer counseling, and helping the wellness center. Leadership is the umbrella to all things

school related.

Mountain Bike Club: As the North Tahoe Mountain Bike Club, they strive to provide students with the desire to mountain bike the coaching and camaraderie that will help them to achieve both competitive and noncompetitive cross country goals in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Newspaper Club: The Laker Lately newspaper club strives to offer aspiring student journalists a medium through which they can write and publish works on a variety of subjects, ranging from lifestyle editorials to current event op-eds. Students collaborate in the outline, writing, and editing process to produce a four-page spread distributed in all local newspapers every other month during the school year, with an emphasis on accuracy, grammatically correct writing, and independence of writing in the free press.

Other Clubs Include:


Youth in Action

Trap Club

California Scholarship Federation

Latinos Making a Difference

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