May 4, 2018

Technology is advancing more quickly than ever. This is a given fact, and, most recently, technological advancements have changed our world in previously unthought of, or perhaps concerning, or helpful, ways.

The biggest example of technology influencing our mainstream, is the rise of virtual instagram models such as Lil Miquel...

February 1, 2018

We see technology developing around us every day, with new developments in the fields of information, space travel, medicine, and robotics. But just how far have we come? As we begin the second month of 2018, it seems only appropriate to take a look back.

1998 saw the development of many revolutionary technologies leading up to...

February 1, 2018

It is common knowledge that we as humans have, and will continue to destroy our own planet and all of the life coexisting with us. So, when new innovations arise with ways to limit our impact and better the world, why do we refuse to take them? It is because, as human beings, we thrive off of making excuses for ourselves. “It’...

November 1, 2017


The modern world relies heavily on technology, and it particularly relies on smartphones. These devices can only function efficiently and wirelessly if they are connected to modes that produce WiFi or 4G/LTE service. Small modes that can fit in nooks of a home are mostly responsible for distributing wireless service...

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